The Best Food to Gain Weight

Looking for the best possible food to gain weight?

That's good, because gaining weight is all about getting enough calories. If you don't eat enough, gaining weight is nearly impossible.

It's important to realize that supplements or pills will not help you gain any amount of weight at all if your nutrition is not good.

Sure, eating cookies, cake, and chips will help you pack on the pounds, but do you want the majority of the weight you gain to be fat?

Choosing high protein, quality food to gain weight, like the ones on this page, will help you gain muscle mass and not fat.

Below you'll find a helpful list you can use to gain weight. Choose mostly lean proteins for the majority of your daily calorie intake. I get about 50% of my daily calories from protein.

You also want to make sure you get about 40% of your daily calories from carbohydrates. Foods like pasta, breads, cereals, rice, and vegetables.

And finally, you do need some fats in your diet for optimal health, but only 10-20% of your daily calories need to come from fat sources.

Use this page to put together a daily eating plan that you can stick with. After all, long term results will only come from a persistent, long term effort.

Food To Gain Weight

Protein sources (50% of your daily calories)

fish (tuna, salmon, haddock, cod), turkey, chicken, red meats (flank steak, lean ground beef), dairy products (cottage cheese, milk, low-fat yogurt), eggs, soybeans, nuts, legumes, ham, pork, shellfish, scallops, lamb, tofu, protein supplements (whey, egg, milk, soy protein supplements)

Carbohydrate Sources (40 % of your daily calories)

fruits, brown rice, whole grain breads & cereals, bagels, oatmeal, pasta, potatoes, vegetables (broccoli, green beans, corn), legumes (chick peas, lima, kidney, and soybeans), cream-of-wheat, pretzels, yams

Fat sources (10% of your daily calories)

olive oil, peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, safflower oil, sunflower oil, walnuts, flax seed oil, borage oil, avacadoes, fish oils (salmon), cla (conjugated linoleic acid)


Apples, raw baby carrots, beef jerky, nuts, pretzels, baked potato chips, protein bars (Balance, Met-RX), yogurt.

Meal replacements are probably the most valuable and underrated supplement to gain weight.

In fact, they really are not supplements at all, they're a great food to gain weight. Meal replacements are complete meals where supplements are used in addition to your regular food, but meal replacements can stand alone.

Meal replacements are pre-packaged powdered drink mixes that you mix with water, milk, or juice and then drink in the place of a meal, or, if you're trying to gain weight, in addition to your meals.

They're a convenient and inexpensive food to gain weight, and most taste pretty good. Add two or three meal replacements in addition to your your whole food meals and you'll drastically start gaining quality calories.

Meal replacements provide a perfect, compact food to gain weight in a packet that is high in protein, low in fat, low in carbohydrates, and contain a wide array of vitamins and minerals.

They're low in sugar and cholesterol. They are very nutrient dense and can be mixed easily and conveniently.

In order to get the same benefits from whole food as some of the high quality meal replacements, you'd have to put together a large meal like a chicken breast (protein) a potato for some carbs, and a salad for the vitamins six times a day.

Why bother when you can just rip open a meal replacement packet and toss it into a cup with some water or skim milk. Presto! Instant food to gain weight.

They're actually pretty cheap too, considering you're getting an entire meal for under 3 bucks. You can find some that cost only about $2.00 a shake.

It’s hard to find a good food to gain weight that's nutritious for fewer than 2 bucks. You cannot even buy a Happy Meal for fewer than 2.00 dollars and Happy Meals are loaded with fat!

So pick and choose from the list of foods above and make them the foundation of your weight gain program.

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